Gigs search and career boost

Stoovo makes it easy to search and pick gigs, to track earnings and set financial goals

Mobile application for managing personal income


Stoovo is a service to manage and maximize income across platforms. It is easy to integrate profiles from popular services like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, Amazon Flex, Wonolo, Task Rabbit, etc. Stoovo will gather data and show hints for various metrics.

Building mobile user interface for earnings dashboard

Setting financial goal

A user can set a financial goal and track progress on it. It is very helpful and motivating. For example, a user wants to reach $2000 dollar income per month. Stoovo will show how much is already earned and how much the user needs to earn to reach this goal. Moreover, the product will give insights based on analytics which show how many hours a user needs to work and average earnings on each platform.

Dashboard card based design for mobile app

Predictable events

We integrated PredictHQ to analyze events. It means that Stoovo gathers data about various events and defines the most profitable ones. Based on these events a user will be able to arrange a schedule that helps to earn more.

Mobile in-app cards for work opportunities and monthly statistics

How to be at right place at right time?

Users who work in taxi services will get useful insights on the most popular flights. How Stoovo does this? Our team integrated AviationStack API to analyze and show schedules for top-rated flights. This feature helps to predict higher demand for taxis in a specific place.

Cards with tips and updates mobile design

Finding the most relevant gigs

This product has another wonderful feature - gigs recommendations. Stoovo parces sites with gigs and offers its users a list of possible appropriate vacancies based on user's preferences and geolocation.

Mobile dashboard with earnings statistics by day

Keep track on earnings history

With the help of Earnings History, one can see how much was earned during a specific period. A user can apply filters to check earnings by partner, average income, most profitable events, etc.

Mobile user interface for account settings


Our team was working on the API for Stoovo service for several months. It was important to make the right architecture that would be scalable and easy to maintain. We managed to kill two birds with one stone. In the end, our client was happy with the result DevelopsToday provided and we were happy to have one more happy customer and an excellent product.


Full Stack DeveloperEugene Medvedev

Customer Success ManagerDmitriy T.

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