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Mobile worker app for shifts management
Mobile worker app for shifts management

Quality stands behind every successful product

Quality assurance and quality control is a combination of processes and procedures that accompany a product in pre-development, development, and post-development stages. It validates the quality of the product and keeps it secure and reliable.

Quality assurance engineer writes down acceptance criteria

Quality protocol

Testers will build a plan to maintain quality through different phases

Documentation updating

Each requirement change is reflected in test documentation immediately

Variety of test devices

We use real devices and emulators to make sure the product behaves alike in different environments

Timely reporting

Stay informed about the risks and current issues with regular reports from QA team

QA engineer showing bug to developer

Make sure that your ideas will succeed

A Quality Assurance engineer is essential at every step of the development process. Our specialist will evaluate your product and help identify flaws and issues taking into account business values and product requirements. QA/QC team will design the best strategy for your business depending on time, budget, and needs.

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Step 1: Development of testing strategy

Our QA engineers study all available documentation and gather product requirements to prepare an efficient test plan. Our team will define risky areas that require additional attention in terms of testing. Very often at this phase, our QA team will find issues and inconsistencies on the documentation level. This way you will be able to prevent bugs even before development.

Step 1: Development of testing strategy+

Step 2: Test documentation design

After the scope of testing is defined, the QA team will work on documentation design. They will prepare test cases and check-lists for various testing flows. Testing documentation will be updated throughout the development to ensure that it reflects the up-to-date state of the product.

Step 2: Test documentation design+

Step 3: Testing execution

At this stage, DevelopsToday testers will check if the actual behavior of the product corresponds to its expected behavior. In case it doesn't, they will open detailed bug reports, so the development team can fix the issues. Then fixes will be retested in different environments to make sure the issue is resolved.

Step 3: Testing execution+

Step 4: Test results reporting

We always provide clients with reports of test runs, so they are aware of the actual state of the product. This helps to make data-driven decisions and prevent buggy releases.

Step 4: Test results reporting+

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Staff scheduling and managing

With the help of Nowsta it's easy to track and manage shifts, cash-out payments and keep on track with the latest updates at workplace

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Worker earnings statistics in mobile app
Worker earnings statistics in mobile app
Worker earnings statistics in mobile app

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