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Developing a mobile food delivery app

Marketplace, Mobile Development, US

Creating Steedit — food delivery service

We built a food delivery platform with great UI and smooth performance.

Web application with gift registry service

Marketplace, Web Development, US

Building ShowrMe, a unique wedding gift registry with e-commerce capabilities

We helped to create new designs, make application responsive and launch marketing campaigns.

Vouchers with discounts for online stores

Marketplace, Web Development, US

Making Piggy, a browser extension for discount coupons in online stores

We built an application that saves money on every purchase by giving either a cashback or a discount.

eCommerce store dashboard with analytics of returns

Marketplace, Web Development, UK

Making Insights, an analysis tool for ReBOUND Return platform

DevelopsToday team made a tool that gathers and analyzes loads of information and presents it in a clear way.

B2B product for tracking returns from online store

Marketplace, Web Development, UK

Building ReBOUND, a web platform that integrates with e-commerce products and provides solution for order return

We helped to build a platform for leading online retailers to track and manage returns on scale.

Online shopping on laptop with payment by credit card

Marketplace, Web Development, US

Making GoBeyond, a Shopify chatbot to provide client support and boost sales

DevelopsToday team developed a chat bot that helps to provide customer support as well as deal with abandoned carts.

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