Making easy and efficient returns

ReBOUND provides opportunities for e-commerce to increase sales and improve customer experience. It integrates with hundreds of carriers, so a customer can pick up the most suitable option.

B2B product for tracking returns from online store


ReBOUND is a platform that provides a solution for returns in E-commerce domain. It helps retailers to give a smooth experience of return to their customers. The product was created as a solution to help e-commerce retain their customers, boost sales and build trust and loyalty among clients.

Customer account showing QR code and status for drop-off return

Integration with E-commerce

Retailers need to integrate ReBOUND platform into their shops by adding a link next to or below the returns policy. The link will navigate customers to the platform. It works like this: a customer inserts the order number and a request will be sent to the API. Then the customer will see the option to choose the products they want to return. They will also need to give the reason for return. Later the data will be gathered and analyzed, so retailers will be able to make data-driven decisions.

Web form requiring reasons of item return

Label generation

In order to track the parcels, they are given special labels that contain all necessary information. DevelopsToday team implemented automatically generated labels at the stage of return creation. Depending on the retailer the label can look differently. Some labels may be just QR codes, while other contain bar code and additional information.

E-commerce software for tracking returns status

Integration with carriers API

In order to provide a great tracking experience, we implemented integrations with various carriers (logistic companies). This way retailers can see up-to-date information on returns status, which helps to leverage warehouse fulfillment, resources allocation, etc.

List of carriers for an item return options

Processing loads of data

As the product is trusted by huge multinational companies like ASOS, Missguided, MANGO, PrettyLittleThing, and a lot of others, it has to process tons of data. Our team implemented a stable platform that can handle 35M transactions yearly.

Logos of famous clothing retailers


Our engineers were excited to help develop this product and be a part of something global. This project involved cooperation with product owners and international retailer representatives. It was a great journey that brought us to the next common product called ReBOUND Insights. Insights was developed to provide analytics for returns data.

Dashboard with metrics and pie-charts analyzing returns for clothing retailers


Full Stack DevelopersVasyl S., Vladislav N.

Quality Assurance EngineerKsenia I.

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