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Mobile application for managing personal income

Productivity, Mobile Development, US

Building Stoovo, a powerful tool to maximize income of gig-economy workers

Our team created a solution to help gig-economy workers to boost income and provide useful insights on earnings.

Mobile app for managing contacts

Productivity, Mobile Development, US

Developing Gryds — a personal network management tool

We built a product that helps to stay connected with people who matter.

Mobile product for workers in hospitality sector

Productivity, Mobile Development, US

Developing Nowsta, an employees management tool in hospitality domain

Our team build a brand new pixel-perfect version of the existing application, introduced new features, and set up a quality assurance process from scratch.

Documents overview dashboard in content management system

Productivity, Web Development, US

Making Caisy — a next-get headless content management solution

We built a fresh and new headless CMS that solves content teams' pains.

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