Making networking more efficient

Gryds helps to stay in touch with important contacts and keep relationship going

Mobile app for managing contacts

Mobile application for networking

Nowadays it is quite easy to make a new connection either online or offline. But the more people you know, the more difficult it gets to manage all your connections and to remember to stay in touch with them. Gryds takes this challenge and helps to establish and keep quality and long-lasting relationships. With this mobile product, one can be sure that they won't forget to ask an ex-colleague for lunch or to congratulate a neighbor on their birthday.

Adding a contact profile in mobile app

How the product works

First of all, a user should fill the application with contacts. It can be done either by importing data from Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and mobile contacts list or creating each record manually. After that contacts should be grouped to navigate in the app easier. The groups can be Family, Friends, Business contacts, or any custom group. Then, a user sets how often they want to stay in touch with a specific contact and that's it! The app will remind when it is necessary to contact a person and will track if it happened.

Managing contact groups in mobile app

Integration with Whatsapp, Gmail, LinkedIn

Gryds make it easier to send messages. When you get a push notification reminding you to contact a person, you will not need to jump to another messenger. The application has integration with other services like LinkedIn, Google, Whatsapp, etc. You compose the message in Gryds and then choose a service that should send a message. It is simple, easy, and yet efficient.

Mobile UI for contact import and social account sign in


Before DevelopsToday team started working on development, the back end was partially implemented. However, we noticed that there was redundant data fetch and there were some issues while adjusting UI. Moreover, we predicted that when the product scales it will bring additional challenges and difficulties. For this reason, we offered the client to re-implement API from scratch in order to provide seamless and efficient work. Our engineer used Express.js, Mongoose, and GraphQL Server for this.

Business contacts with last activity on mobile device


Our team was working on the product and did the best to provide a quality result to the client. It should be highlighted that all scope of tasks was delivered on time. Our client was happy with the final result and highly appraised the work our team did.


Full Stack DeveloperIgor Stavratiy

Customer Success ManagerStanislav T.

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