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Mobile application with health plan
Mobile application with health plan

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Azure DevOps, .Net, React Native


Mobile Development



A new product in wellness and wellbeing domain

Shido is a unique product designed to improve and maintain health and wellbeing by providing personalized advice. The product has a lot of helpful content like videos, podcasts, articles, recipes, Q&As section, etc. Users are able to customize the content according to their needs and interests.

Another thing that makes the product unique is that its content is not created by re-writers or copy-writers. The content is produced by the founder, Amber, who is a well-known author in the health and wellbeing domain.

Profile set up and health plan building on a mobile device
Profile set up and health plan building on a mobile device

The app for the whole family

Shido is a product for the whole family, not just for a single user, which makes the product stand out among similar ones on the market. Moreover, the product is more affordable when there is a single subscription for the whole family. A user sets up an account for themself and then adds family members. It allows to track progress for each person in the family, update profile, change interests or goals.

Mobile app with personalized tips for health improvement
Mobile app with personalized tips for health improvement

Health assessment and health plan

In order to get customized content and build a personal health plan, a user has to pass a health assessment answering questions related to different aspects: nutrition, sleep, stress, emotional wellbeing, allergies, and so on. After completing the assessment one will see their result, average result of other users, and target result. This way users can target to improve selected areas. Once in a while, a user will be prompted to update health assessment, so they can track the progress. It is also possible to update health assessments or goals at any moment if the user changes priorities.

Recommended articles on eating habits inside a health app
Recommended articles on eating habits inside a health app

Front-end development challenges

One of the specialties about the application was a lot of screens with many custom elements like sliders, selectors, etc. It was important to implement them per requirements and our team successfully managed it. Another specific feature of UI was that instead of regular forms there was a chat-like UI. This brought up some challenges, however, there is nothing impossible for the DevelopsToday team and the client was happy with the final product.

Mobile health application with custom pickers
Mobile health application with custom pickers

Setting up quality assurance process

The quality assurance process was introduced after a few months of development. The first thing we did was choosing the right software for test documentation. As the client's environment was built around Microsoft Azure, we decided to keep it simple and go with Azure Test Plan.

After that our QA engineers studied designs and requirements, which served as a base for quality assurance documentation namely test cases, UI checklists, and user stories. The team and the client were able to see the benefits of the QA process almost immediately. We pinpointed the areas of the product that needed improvement and defined issues to be fixed.

We also introduced Instabug to the product as we find it very useful for bug and crash reporting as well as for network log gathering.

Our quality assurance team was dealing with UI, functionality, API, and database testing to ensure each side of the product performs as expected. We also had a group of alpha testers.

Mobile user interface for wellness dashboard
Mobile user interface for wellness dashboard

Successful mission

While working for Shido App MVP, we rose up to the challenges and successfully overcame them. Our team managed to provide quality code, up-to-date documentation, and a positive attitude. The client was happy and so were we. But this was not the end of the story and after the MVP release, we continued to develop new features for Shido.


Front-End DevelopersAnna K., Aleksandr A., Victoria K.

Quality Assurance EngineersKsenia I., Eugenia S.

Summary for sleep and relaxation questionnaire in a mobile wellness app

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