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Documents overview dashboard in content management system
Documents overview dashboard in content management system

Technology stack

React, Apollo, Node.js, Express, TypeORM


Web Development




Caisy is a new product on the market. It is a headless content management system that was designed and implemented to provide a solution for current CMSs on the market. The main goal was to create a product for content writers, account administrators, developers, and site owners.

Creating content section in content management system

Some insights

We worked on a custom search box, which had embedded drop-downs with complex animations and logic of appearing. The search box in fact had filtering logic and included filtering by multiple conditions.

The image upload modal window had to be very alike to Google Drive upload tooltip, which showed a preview of the uploaded file, the status of uploading, and progress. Also, it allowed to make retries and delete uploaded files from the database.

Because of the possibility to upload images we wanted to add some basic functionality like a graphical editor. For this purposes, ‘Doka’ package was used. We customized its UI for the design of the app and implemented integration into the app.

Creating api schemas in CMS


On the backend side, we implemented the ‘views’ feature. The idea of this feature is that a user is able to save the configured state of filters and search. This way a user has quick access to items they need without filtering the list of content every time. Views (saved states) were arranged in folders and could be nested. The task was challenging because of the necessity to store and edit tree-like data structures, keep good performance and pass high-load tests.

CMS dashboard user interface with last user activity

Final thoughts

It was our first experience developing a CMS from scratch. We found it very exciting and interesting and were ready to rise to new challenges. DevelopsToday team delivered the final product on time. The client was happy not only with the result of the work but with our quick and prompt communication.


Full Stack DeveloperAnna K.

Product ManagerYana K.

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