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Map with doctor search results
Map with doctor search results

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Introducing AidZen: the way to live healthy

Aidzen - is an online medical care service that connects practices and doctors with patients through an online booking and referral system. Core features of the service:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Integrated doctor's schedules across practices
  • Tailored patient profiles

DevelopsToday had a task to create a platform that will have 3 portals: for doctors, patients, and administrators. Each portal should have its own features and serve for different purposes but at the same time be simple, effective, and user-friendly.

Doctor appointment scheduling user experience

Managing multiple practices

Medical practices often find it difficult what software to use. And for a single doctor, it may be costly to pay for a product aimed at big enterprises. AidZen with its two types of subscription plans gives an opportunity to create and manage practices with one or several offices. Also, a single doctor may work in several offices or several practices. The system is flexible and adjustable. For convenience, AidZen provides a patient check-in form template as well as the ability to customize it to fit various needs.

Practice office schedule management calendar UI

Convenient appointments scheduling

It was always not easy for a patient to book an appointment in a traditional way. Just imagine how many steps it takes: finding the phone number of the doctor, calling him or her and at this very moment the line may be busy. Then dial the number again. Finally, you ask the secretary about the closest available slots and it takes ages to pick the best match.

AidZen gives a perfect solution to this problem with the help of Book an appointment feature. Booking works very simply: a user finds a doctor, he or she sees time slots available for appointments, picks up a slot, and books it. And yes, a user can do it 24/7. After the doctor confirms the appointment, the user will receive a push notification and email with confirmation.

In case when the doctor is not available for the appointment, he or she can choose two options: cancel the appointment or refer the patient to another doctor.

Doctor office appointments management user experience

Remote doctor appointment

Modern citizens don't like wasting time in traffic or lines. Very often a patient would prefer to get a quick online consultation rather than traveling to the doctor's office for a 15-minute appointment. AidZen provides much more than just appointment booking. With the help of a telehealth solution, it is possible to stay in touch with the doctor or to get remote consulting in a special chat.

When implementing this feature, it was important to provide a stable and secure connection between doctor and patient, so our engineers worked following the latest industry standards.

Appointment check-in flow user experience

HIPAA compliant data storage

The healthcare domain in the USA has strict HIPAA compliance requirements that need to be followed, otherwise, it may cause criminal charges and civil action lawsuits. In the case of AidZen doctors interact with patients and for this reason, the product has to follow HIPAA standards. One of the tasks that our team had was to ensure a secure environment for the data. To do this we used AES-256, SHA2, and 64-bit key encryption for ePHI.

Graph of HIPPA compliance in the cloud
Graph of HIPPA compliance in the cloud

Mobile application

To make the service even more convenient and user-oriented we created a mobile application. This allows patients to search for doctors and book appointments wherever they are. The application has all the features of the web version, which we placed on four screens: search, appointments, chat, and profile. The UI/UX was adapted for the mobile in order to meet users' expectations.

Doctor appointments listing on the mobile user interface
Communication with doctor in the chat
Doctor search user experience

Final thoughts

After months of hard work, our team managed to deliver a stable product on time. The client was provided all necessary designs, development, and testing documentation. The product included three panels: for doctors, patients, and administrators. Each panel was thoroughly tested in order to be ready for the production stage. As a result, we can proudly call AidZen a high-end HIPAA compliant healthcare product.


Full Stack DevelopersBogdan Sviripa, Ivan Kostuchenko, Ivan Nekipelov

UI/UX DesignerDenis Boldyrev

Product OwnerDaniel Dantsev

Customer Success ManagerDmitriy T.

Upcoming appointments mobile user interface

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