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Cluster makes it possible to build and grow career in leading industrial organizations

Web app for job search in space engineering sector

About the product

Cluster is a web service aimed at helping highly-skilled specialists in the aviation, aerospace and automotive sectors find a position in a company. It is not a recruiting agency, it is a marketplace for industries driven by technology. With the help of the product, it is easier to build a career and grow as a professional in the tech industry.

New employee search form and power electronics engineer card with information and skills

Building employee's profile

A candidate can create a profile at Cluster selecting desired role type, location, and goal. When Cluster has an appropriate match for the candidate, it will notify about the opportunity. By an appropriate match, Cluster means not only the matching role name. The system also takes into account the candidate's expectations, goals, and skills.

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Hiring professionals

Cluster helps companies to fill the need for top specialists fast and efficiently. Organizations can get a subscription to have scalable and predictive hires. Companies can save time and money as Cluster specialists conduct primary interviews and assess whether the candidates are the right fit. This helps to make hires of better performing specialists.

User account interface with CV for cad designer at Microsoft

Cluster's blog

The service has a blog that is useful for both employers and employees to keep up with the latest news and trends in the industry. Blog articles are written by a professional writer and regularly appear in the newsletter.

A blog article about 5 bay area drone companies flying forward

Tech side of the product

Cluster is built with Apollo and GraphQL stack. It uses MongoDB and exports data to BigQuery, which helps to analyze and predict market demands for professionals. It is running with Airflow inside Kubernetes cluster. For keeping files and images we used AWS S3 bucket.

List of industries and multi select radio button UI


Our team was excited to work with the founders of the product. They are technically savvy and took an active part in the decision-making of what technologies to use. Behind the simple and clean UI lies a strong tech stack.

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Full Stack DeveloperVladislav N.

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