Neighborhood child care network

Dovetail brings parents together and helps to organize their children's study & leisure

Filtered search result for profiles of parents in the neighborhood
Filtered search result for profiles of parents in the neighborhood

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Dovetail - from parents for parents

The product came as a solution to the problem of expensive childcare. The first-time parents Jon and Michelle found it rather challenging to keep up with the high price tag for child services. They were in search of a product that could help and eventually decided to create their own service. DevelopsToday was glad to give a hand and implemented the technical part.

Social network search result showing profiles with photos and interests

Childcare made easier and cheaper

One of the great opportunities that Dovetail gives is to cooperate with other parents and organize studying or leisure for your children together. This way one can have a class splitting the costs and saving money at the same time. Another option will be to share a contact of a proven tutor with other parents or get a reference for a proven teacher for your child.

Simple user interface for a search result in social web app
Chat design for social networking web product

Faster assimilation in a new neighborhood

One of the issues addressed by the product is assimilation at the new place. With the help of Dovetail, there is no need to worry about finding a nanny or a babysitter. The service allows finding other parents within a certain radius close to the preferred neighborhood. Getting together with other families builds new connections and helps children make new friends.

Pop-up confirmation of sending a message to the chat

A perfect match for your child

Tailored search and special filters help a user to find the most appropriate partner. It is possible to set parents’ and children’s age, to choose the radius of search, subjects interesting for learning or school. Another helpful feature is the search by tags. There are tags for parents and children which enable you to customize the search results.

A mother's profile with image and interest tags

Final thoughts

Working on Dovetail was not the first experience of cooperating with non-technical founders. Although it meant greater responsibility for the decisions we took, DevelopsToday team was passionate and diligent and strived to achieve the best result.


Full Stack DeveloperVadim Bondarenko

Customer Success ManagerDmitriy T.

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