Staff scheduling and managing

With the help of Nowsta it's easy to track and manage shifts, cash-out payments and keep on track with the latest updates at workplace

Mobile product for workers in hospitality sector
Mobile product for workers in hospitality sector

Technology stack

React Native, Ruby on Rails


Mobile Development



What is Nowsta?

Nowsta is a powerful tool for managing staff in the hospitality and catering domain. It is a game-changer. The product provides a solution for scheduling staff, tracking worked hours, gathering statistics, and processing payments. The product consists of web and mobile platforms. The web platform is designed for managers, while the mobile app is used by the employees.

Mobile application interface for managing workers in hospitality domain

Nowsta Workers background

When we started working on the product, our main task was to build a new version of Nowsta Workers, version 2.0. We had to implement a totally new concept of the app, which had to be reliable, stable and performing.

Mobile screen with a list of cards from the employer requesting shift confirmation
Mobile application showing upcoming worker shift with location on the map

Making the app pixel perfect

Our team had a challenging task to make the mobile app pixel perfect. We used React Native as the main technology for Nowsta Workers and it caused some limitations in implementation for iOS and Android systems. Nevertheless, DevelopsToday team managed to solve this task successfully. While working with pixel-perfect we used Flawless app to verify that the mobile app corresponds to Figma designs.

Mobile devices with notifications about future work shift, status, and results
Mobile devices with notifications about future work shift, status, and results

QR Code scanner feature

Another interesting feature to mention is a QR scanner and printer. This feature was requested by Nowsta users as a solution to make fast and bulk check-ins when employees start their shifts. The Scan QR Code button triggered the camera opening and Print QR Code button opened the code in PDF format and allowed to initiate printing. The team used a simple solution that didn't require an overcomplicated setup but at the same time provided stable functioning.

Dashboard keeps a worker updated

The heart of the app is, probably, the Dashboard screen. There are a few sections there helping a worker to track the most important changes. Carousel with cards for confirmed shifts gives quick access to the upcoming events. The cash-out section shows how much money is available for instant cash-out. Section with requests represents new work opportunities and gives the ability to respond to them fast. Counters show how many hours have been worked this month and how many hours are planned to work in the next 14 days.

Mobile interface for hospitality sector worker app

Calendar manages all events in one place

The calendar screen shows all shifts, requests, and availability slots. It visually represents a worker's schedule. With the help of the calendar, a worker can set availability slots to show the employer when it's convenient to work. Another useful feature is integration with Google calendar. It will automatically synchronize all events and add them to the employee's Google calendar.

Mobile UI for calendar with upcoming worker shifts

Quality assurance process

Our goal was to make frequent and stable releases and to address any arising issues as soon as possible. For tracking issues, we used Instabug and Bugsnag tools that helped us to get insights on any problem a user faced. QA Engineer kept a base of test cases which were instantly updated to reflect any change made by developers. Every upcoming release followed a test run on real devices. The things mentioned above are only a part of a sophisticated process of establishing quality for the product.

Quality assurance engineer testing a mobile application
Quality assurance engineer testing a mobile application

Final thoughts

DevelopsToday team is happy to be a part of such a great product as Nowsta. We keep the product with up-to-date technologies and improve it on a regular basis to make users and our client happy. This is a good example of long term cooperation that has been lasting for more than a year now.


Full Stack DevelopersIgor Poltavets, Evan Kostuchenko

Quality Assurance EngineerAnna Prokopova

Project ManagerJamal Aha

Summary of time sheet and earnings for a worked shift on a mobile device

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