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Product mission

All people enjoy buying things like clothes, books, goods for babies and so on. But each purchase is an expense. Piggy's mission is to minimize spendings by offering cashback and coupons. Piggy is both simple and powerful. Three things that define the product are safety, ease of use, and variety of offers.

List of best cashback deals for online shopping

Browser extension

Those who prefer online shopping will be happy with Piggy extension for Chrome browser. It can be installed in just two clicks. Piggy is an example of page action browser extensions. It means that this extension works only on specific pages opened in a browser. In our case, those are the sites, where users make purchases.

We built this product using React framework and Chrome Extension API. Our team worked meticulously on the UI of the extension using styled-components. It was also very important to add a language detector (we used i18next), so Piggy switches to the language a user has in his browser.

The way how Piggy works is very simple. After a user installs the extension, it will automatically prompt to use a coupon or cashback. The prompt will appear while checking out at the store site. It can't be easier than that!

ASOS checkout and Piggy voucher to save money on shopping

Coupons & stores

Piggy partners with hundreds of stores, which means that there are endless possibilities of choice. Each person will definitely find at least a dozen of options for purchases. Shops offer cashback and with the help of coupons, it is easy to get even a 70% discount. Easy navigation shows the newest deals. Another option to track deals is to add stores to favorites.

List of partner stores providing coupons and vouchers for saving money
A 20% discount coupon for Bloomingdales online shop


We helped Piggy to create a safe, trustworthy, and user-friendly browser extension. Our engineers followed all necessary standards to make the extension legally compliant. We believe that this product is beneficial to a wide variety of users. And the figures prove it! Piggy has already more than one million users.

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Customer Success ManagerDmitriy T.

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