Gift registry service

A unique wedding gift registry with e-commerce capabilities

Web application with gift registry service

How everything started

Choosing gifts has never been an easy thing for everybody. Just think how often you have been puzzled while choosing a present! The founders of ShowrMe were the ones who got an idea of how to change that. They came to DevelopsToday and started a discussion that led to amazing cooperation and a great product in the end.

Profile view for managing registry

A place where dreams come true

Everyone wants to point at some items saying "this, this and this, and yes this one too" and to possess these things immediately. Well, ShowrMe application aims at that. The service helps to create a registry (a wish-list) and to place all items one wants to get. Then people who are invited to the registry fund some money that is used for purchasing things from the list.

Online service of registry for various occasions

Choosing what appeals the most

There are lots of goods available to choose from. They are divided into categories for simpler navigation. However, it is possible to make the process of choosing items even faster and easier. Additional filters by price and store will help to do that. And finally, a user can apply the sorting function to view things from cheap to costly, from A to Z.

Adding items to the registry

Prioritising items in the list

Another useful feature is prioritizing. A user can show what things are more important for him or her. To move the items in the list a user needs simply to drag them to the desired position. So they appear at the top or bottom of the list.

Web registry with the gift list

Even more customization

This is a great feature for the people whose sophisticated desires go beyond the items from partner stores. If a registry owner can’t find an item in the catalog inside the application, he or she may use “Add Custom Item” feature. This magic button allows adding custom goods from other sources rather than a regular list of items.

Custom item in online birthday registry
Design for a web gift registry


Months of hard work gave their harvest, and our client was happy with the product. The application looks nice with its lightweight design and works fast with the help of modern technologies. Now everyone can enjoy ShowrMe and forget about the pain of choosing gifts.


Front-End DeveloperEugene Zhilenko

Back-End DeveloperVladislav N.

Quality Assurance EngineerAnna Prokopova

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