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Developing a mobile food delivery app
Developing a mobile food delivery app

Technology stack

React Native, Node.js


Mobile Development



Meet SteedIt: new and fresh restaurant delivery

In the modern world with its fast-paced rhythm, people expect everything to happen quickly. So, there is a high demand for services like SteedIt. The food delivery market is rapidly growing and experts predict a rise in sales of 20% around the world during a year.

Mobile user interface for food delivery app

Food delivered to your door

Food delivery is probably one of the best inventions of recent times. It solves so many pains. What can be better than a freshly made dish delivered hot to your door? Probably nothing, especially if you are hungry or have no time or power to do the cooking, or when the weather is dreadful but you desperately want a pizza.

Food delivery address form in mobile app

SteedIt - a new market player

One can say that SteedIt is not the first service that provides food delivery, and that’s true. However, being first doesn’t always mean being good. The aim of this product is to provide the first-class experience to each participant in the process because SteedIt knows that the best customers - are loyal customers!

Mobile in-app chat and order delivery status

Three sides of one service

This product involves three sides: a customer, a delivery person, and a restaurant. They are all interconnected, however, each has its specific needs and expectations. Think of a customer: obviously, they will want a fast and friendly experience of order, ability to customize an order and track all steps of an order. A restaurant in its turn will want to have an ability to showcase its menu, to add, delete or hide an item from the list (in case the dish is not available). As for a driver, they will want to have stable navigation and the ability to get in touch both with a restaurant and with a customer. These basic needs build the core features of the product.

Design samples and screens implementation for food delivery app

Final thoughts

DevelopsToday team was excited to work on a product like SteedIt. The developing process brought challenges, involvement, and desire to create a masterpiece in terms of technical implementation. We are glad that could make one more customer happy.


Full Stack DevelopersEugene Medvedev, Vitaliy Taran

Customer Success ManagerDmitriy T.

Partner TeamKFG International

List of popular dishes in food delivery app

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