AI-powered search engine

Data collected from proven sources and organized with the help of AI-powered engine

Dashboard for content analytics
Dashboard for content analytics

Technology stack

React, ElasticSearch, Django


Web Development


Artificial Intelligence

What is Unchartech?

When professionals do research, they often have to look through lots of information. Quite often information repeats itself and additional time is spent on sorting the data out. Unchartech is an innovative product that serves as a tool for organizing and structuring data providing useful insights.

Statistics of the popularity of queries by topic

Who is it for?

The product is for the B2B segment, oriented at the companies and professionals working in these companies. It will be helpful for analysts, researchers, investors working all around the world and responsible for critical or strategic decision-making.

Clean user interface for web app search

Tags and bookmarks

Each piece of information contains tags, which help to navigate through articles faster. Apart from tags, there are bookmarks that save necessary sources and let access them at any time. Another useful feature presented in the product is the search within the date range. It will help to avoid outdated data.

Apple documents analytics with charts

Charts and graphs

Data related to a specific query can be presented in a chart, visualizing trends and volume of articles throughout a date range. Clusters are formed with the help of AI technology and provide related topics to the main search. Navigation inside the cluster is simple and clear.

Design of date picker for a web app
Intelligent search engine web application

Final thoughts

Our team of engineers was happy to develop this product having an opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology. Big data and AI made a big part of this product. A lot of research was done and weighed decisions were taken, so the world can see this product.


Full Stack DeveloperIlya Savinov

Customer Success ManagerDmitriy T.

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